Emily VanCamp Diet Plan and Workout Routine

Starred in television drama series, Revenge, Emily VanCamp is Hollywood actress having perfectly curvy and svelte body. Despite soaring to the height of fame and glamour, Emily has not alienated her from her origin.

She reckons it gets her tremendous pleasure as well as relaxation, when instead of behaving like a famous celeb; she stays the same to her family and friends, as she was while growing up with them. The small town girl has ingrained reverence and affection for her family and friends.

The obligation of being on set for shooting for more than ten hours inspires the hottie to be in great shape. However, she doesn’t commend overly skinny figure, which is mostly touted as sexy body image in the industry. She asserts, you shall respect your body and endeavor to maintain it healthy. Unlike numerous skinny celebs, to her, the definition of being in shape is not having a body next to skeleton; it rather is to have feminine, angular, and healthy body.

Emily VanCamp Diet Plan and Workout Routine


Emily VanCamp Diet Plan

Enrique Iglesias Height and Weight

Born Name

Enrique Miguel Iglesias Preysler

Nick Name

Quique, “E”, Kike, EI, Super Nova, The King of Latin Pop, The King of Dance

Enrique Iglesias Height and Weight

Sun Sign

Aditya Roy Kapur Workout and Diet

Starred in Aashiqui 2, Aditya Roy Kapur made his breakthrough into acting career from his debut film London Dreams. Equipped with chiseled body, the sexy actor had seldom dreamed of entering into acting. He only had fancied him as cricket player in his childhood days and had taken even coaching for the same.

With his performance in Aashiqui 2, Aditya indeed has been able to reserve safer place for him in the industry. Six pack abs and 6 ft 2 in tall frame of the star is simply fascinating.

Aditya Roy Kapur Workout and Diet

Aditya Roy Kapur Diet Plan

Being Punjabi boy, Aditya is typical non-vegan. He is a big foodie and welcomes delicious foods with reverence. He indulges himself in binge eating without being guilty about it. As a matter of fact, he compensates the loss by running for extra miles. The star considers it alright to eat his adored foods unless he is able to create calorie deficit in his body.

By practicing intense cardio after consuming unwholesome foods, the star mollifies him of being on healthy diet regime. He shares that he comprehends the value of foods, but popular ways of eating such as five meals in a day, portion control etc. don’t sound practical to him.

Varun Dhawan Diet Plan and Workout Routine

Varun Dhawan Diet Plan and Workout Routine

Starred in Student Of The Year, Varun Dhawan is a newbie in Bollywood having kick-ass physique with great look. The winner of Lions Gold Awards and Stardust Awards for best male debut for Student of The Year, is proud son of film director, David Dhawan. Enthusiastic to workouts, Varun has already captivated hearts of tons of girls.

Despite being obsessed with workouts, Varun finds it challenging to maintain superb and toned body. His definition of owing ripped body is actually far broader. To him, having ripped does not make you macho, you need to have resilient, and flexible body, having an impeccable immune system to fit into that frame.

Being an ardent dancer, the rising star spends fair amount of time on dancing. Dancing is the perfect aerobics, which not only burns numerous calories from your body, but also makes you supple. The actor also has launched dance DVD along-with Remo D’souza, one of the most outstanding choreographers. In the video, you will witness them displaying diverse dance moves and their impacts on thirteen major muscle groups.

Varun Dhawan Diet Plan

Varun comprehends the importance of diet and thus prefers consuming wholesome food items. Belonging to the family having history of diabetes, the actor is overly sensible about his diet. He strictly refrains from salty, sugary, and oily food items.

Julianne Hough Workout and Diet

Julianne Hough Workout and Diet

Flawless beauty, The Safe Haven (2013) star, Julianne Hough is one of the celebs having incredible curves. Julianne has been doing ballet dancing since her childhood, which she reckons has tremendously assisted her in making her body lissome and marvelous.

Trimmed waist, absolutely toned stomach, and buffed butts being the most fascinating body parts of Julianne, simply make her look splendid in bikinis and other body revealing attires.

Julianne Hough Diet Plan

Genetically slender Julianne could be seen twenty pounds heavier to her normal weight in early 2013. She bulked up these extra pounds due to freely eating junk foods and drinking elite red wine while dating with her ex-boyfriend, Ryan Seacrest.

However, the natural blonde beauty was quite flattered with her new curves, but later when she began getting comments about her being hefty, she got really caught up with them and started working on her eating habits.

Kerry Washington Workout and Diet

Kerry Washington Workout and Diet

Scandal star, Kerry Washington indeed is credited with hot and sexy body. Her curvy and enviable body might make it hard for you to take your eyes off from the fab star. Married to NFL star Nnamdi Asomugha, Kerry is prepared to taste the fruit of motherhood in April 2014. Being pregnant, the stunning star is taking adequate care of her body by feeding low carb and nutritious foods to her body.

As is said, we all have to bear our part of struggle in life, so did Kerry. Having suffered from eating disorder known as bulimia, she was victim of eating disorder from her college days. She used foods as her strongest weapon to combat against emotional issues such as stress, anxiety, anger etc.

She splurged pizza, burger, fried chips, and all other unhealthy food items to placate her mind. Later when the problem grew beyond control, she consulted therapist and had the problem cured. The sizzling star still abides by the therapy when she realizes the symptoms have once again started knocking her door.

Kerry Washington Diet Plan

Due to consumption of unwholesome foods for such a long time, her body became sick and devoid of strength. After being the victim of eating disorder for so long, Kerry has gotten the fact that unhealthy foods might taste good, but within couple of hours, the terrible tools begin causing troubles in your body, making you feel ill and anxious.

Alexander Ludwig Workout and Diet

Pleasing personality, Alexander Ludwig, is young and heartthrob actor of Hollywood. While the actors have to work hard to melt weight to groom them for their roles in movies, they at the same time are supposed to gain weight to get fit into other roles.

The actor with astonishingly stunning look had to gain thirty pounds for his role in the movie, Lone Survivor. What’s more interesting is the fact that prior to that; he had torched several pounds from his body for his role in the movie, The Hunger Games.

Alexander’s role in Lone Survivor was of a tough warrior having incredible love and devotion to his country. And due to being skinny, Alexander had a target to bulk up thirty to forty pounds of weight in a very short span of time. Without getting any aid from fitness expert, the young actor successfully attained it through his dedication. After adding thirty pounds, Alexander now has to bring him in his same hot body, which he had prior to gaining weight.

Alexander Ludwig Workout and Diet

Alexander Ludwig Diet Plan

Having flaunted his spectacular and ripped body in shirtless and bare shoots, Alexander undeniably has superb body. Alexander being vigilant about his diet watches what he eats. The star acknowledges that dropping weight is far more difficult than adding on extra pounds.