Jared Leto Workout and Diet

Nominated for Academy Award for best supporting actor in Jan 2014, Jared Leto is spectacular actor who has radically defied his age. Stoic personality was elected as one of the 50 Most Beautiful People in the World by “People” magazine in 1996 and 1997.

Possessing slender and athletic body, Jared is one of the actors having gone through wide fluctuations in their weight only to suit them for their daunting roles in the movies. While he gained massive sixty pounds for his role in Chapter 27, he could be seen in extremely skinny shape in the movie, Dallas Buyers Club.

The drastic transformations made by sapphire-eyed star indeed are incredible and explicitly depict his will power and perseverance. However, Jared admits having gone through immense plights to shed weight.

The handsome star shares, the period of being overweight was next to hell to him and it took him one complete year to retrieve his hot body. Not only did he become victim of myriad health problems, he also suffered from anxiety and other psychological problems. Having learnt valuable lessons, Jared has vowed never to sign up again for such roles in future requiring him to gain weight.

Jared Leto Workout and Diet

Jared Leto during Critics’ Choice Movie Awards 2014

Tatiana Maslany Height and Weight

Born Name

Tatiana Gabrielle Maslany

Nick Name


Tatiana Maslany Height and Weight

Tatiana Maslany during Golden Globe Awards 2014

Maria Sharapova Diet Plan and Workout Regime

Who would not envy the most famous, sizzling, 6 ft 2 in Maria Sharapova, Russian tennis player. Ranked at World No. 3 by the Women’s Tennis Association as of Aug 2013, Maria made her entry into the world of tennis in 2004. She indeed is one of the most talented top tennis players of the world.

Credited with amazing talent, Maria is goddess of beautiful and sculpted body. Name, fame, glamour being the hallmarks of the tennis star, keeps her on the pinnacle of inspiring celebs. That being said, she is not a supernatural being, who is being mystically gifted by God in all aspects.

She inevitably works hard to maintain her charismatic body and look. Though her grandeur and career are skyrocketing, but she also suffers from anxiety and ennui at times. However, she has dexterously figured out ways to overcome those opposing states of mind.

Maria Sharapova Diet Plan and Workout Regime

Maria Sharapova Workout Regime

Being in the game of tennis, the celeb already does plenty of physical activities while practicing the game. But that alone doesn’t mollify her, apart from tennis practice; she also does bountiful exercises to maintain her curvy shape.

Hayley Williams Diet Plan and Workout Routine

Slender and curvy look, spunky style, Hayley Williams, rules over the hearts of zillions of her fans. Having started her singing career from teenage, the sexy lady captivates people through her angelic voice. The fab singer is equipped with her own panache.

Popular among her fans both for her signature style and for her hip-hop music, the pop star admits, being on stage giving live performances in front of her fans inspires her to be in perfect shape. The keenness to dazzle her fans with her sculpted shape keeps the star enthused and full of beans. Along-with agile schedule, Hayley reveres her rest time with parity. She doesn’t miss to render proper eight to nine good night sleeping hours to her body.

Hayley Williams Diet Plan and Workout Routine

Hayley Williams Workout Routine

Genetically lean Hayley is not much into workouts, after all why she should be. Being in profession of on stage performance, she is supposed to be physically active for more than one hour, which is far more rewarding and intense than workouts.

Dance which is the best cardio workout makes your heart, beat at a very fast pace and burns several calories from your body. Incessant and euphoric dancing is what keeps the singing sensation in svelte shape. All kinds of athletic activities including dance elevate your heart rate many times more than normal.

Tyra Banks Workout and Diet

Tyra Banks Workout and Diet

Model, actress, and businesswoman, Tyra Banks is yet another famous celeb, always in natters due to her curvy body. Having started her career from modeling, Tyra underwent wide oscillation in her weight, past she left modeling and entered into TV shows. The fab star recently shed thirty pounds in six months without succumbing to crash diets or starvation diet plans.

Tyra Banks Diet Plan

Simply in love with foods, Tyra has always portrayed the image of a celeb, who is least bothered about her diet. However, lately when she realized that fat is surmounting over her body, she switched over to healthy and nutritious diet. She reckons, if your diet is good, results will be apparent both on your body and on skin.

Organic and nutrient loaded foods are her top priority food items. She feeds myriad green veggies and fresh fruits to her body. However, she doesn’t step away from occasional binge eating as well, as it takes off all her cravings and assists her in nurturing her affection for nutritious foods.

Vigilant about her diet, the stunning star has hired nutrition expert, Heather Bauer. He guides her and prepares effective meal plans for her. Meal plans designed by him indeed are high in protein, low in carb and fat.

Laetitia Casta Workout and Diet

Signature style, killer smile, Laetitia Casta is a French model and actress. Having started her career from modeling, the fab star has been the face of famed modeling brands such as L’Oreal, Ralph Lauren, Victoria’s Secret, Chanel, Yves Saint Laurent, and others.

Owning the most feminine and sculpted body, Laetitia simply makes other stunning celebs envy her. Blue-eyed beauty indeed is alias of panache and glamour. The bombshell maintains her trimmed waist and flat belly with the aid of workouts and diet.

The divine beauty is one of the celebs who look fascinating in all the dresses. No matter whether she wears bikini, jeans, long gown, you simply cannot take your eyes off her. She shares; the empowering thought that she is going to wear the clothes designed by famous designers motivates her to be in svelte shape.

Laetitia Casta Workout and Diet

Laetitia Casta Diet Plan

Kick-ass beauty takes great care of her naturally slender body. She nourishes her body with foods abundantly loaded with vital nutrients and minerals. Green veggies, sushi, fish, lean protein, green tea etc. are parts of her diet regime.

Leonardo DiCaprio Workout and Diet

Leonardo DiCaprio Workout and Diet

Killer physique, hazel-eyed, Titanic star, Leonardo DiCaprio is the most iconic celeb of Hollywood. Nominated for five Academy Awards, Leonardo has appeared in numerous successful movies such as inception, Gangs of New York, The Departed, and countless others. The hunk indeed is equipped with incredible talent and panache.

Being the most dedicated actor of Hollywood, Leonardo doesn’t desist from transforming his body for the sake of his roles in the movies. The handsome actor puts his heart and soul into his work to cherish his fans with his outstanding performances.

So far, you would have seen him in different body shapes. It’s not really painless to be Leonardo. The commitment of the actor towards his profession can aptly be gauged from his bygone roles.

While grooming him for his role in Inception, Leonardo was supposed to gain six pack abs and strip off thirty pounds to look fit for the commanding role. As soon as his role was confirmed, without ado, the star immediately got to work and got so much engrossed in torching pounds, that he presented him in the prerequisite body frame even before the start of its shootings.

Leonardo DiCaprio Diet Plan