Aditya Roy Kapur Workout and Diet

Without being paranoid about his diet, the hunk renounces high carb foods and avoids eating them in late evening hours. Instead of abiding by any particular diet regime, he is far more realistic in his eating habits and eats foods whenever he has his stomach growling.

Aditya generally eats three full meals in a day. However, his diet regime is quite seasonal and varies with change in season. Indian cuisines such as dal, rice, bhaji etc. are his all-time favorite and he eats numerous fresh and seasonal fruits and veggies.

The sweet tooth of the handsome actor prompts him to eat sweet foods, and he doesn’t even try to step away from relishing some of the sweetest Indian sweets. This is not the end of his rotten eating habits. Fried foods, pizza, burger, junk foods etc. are in the hit list of his cravings.

Well, all we can say is, the actor is incredibly braced by his genes, else you cannot expect to keep up killer body like him by being on such a diet.

Aditya Roy Kapur Workout Routine

Aditya is one of the actors who is genetically blessed with slender body. However, even naturally lean bodies have to be honed to be maintained. Though the star is not obsessed with workouts, but he altogether is not careless towards them.

Being more inclined to sports such as football and cricket from his childhood, Aditya gives more importance to sports than indoor workouts. Indoor workouts have never been able to allure him. He loves playing football, which actually is a great sport. The sport is excellent means to provide total body workout.

However, there are certain areas, which are left unattended or ignored while playing games, so Aditya practices strength training to work on them too. His workout regime is – five days in a week dedicated to weightlifting and cardio workouts. He hits gym twice or thrice in a week and practices his workouts in two parts. While one part of his exercises are meant to tone his facade body parts such as arms, chest, shoulder, other part is concentrated on toning of legs, and back.

Aditya admits, it doesn’t take him long in adding on fats. But as soon as the shabby sign of flab appears, he gets super active and gets to work to strip off those uninvited pounds. And it does not take him longer than ten days to retrieve his hot body.

Recommendation For Aditya Roy Kapur Fans

If you are one of the fans of Aditya Roy Kapur and seek to acquire ripped body like him, you are in first place recommended not to adhere to his diet regime. Your body gets nourishment and core strength from wholesome foods only. Considering everything else in perfection, if your diet is not alignment with your body, you cannot expect to have a long-lasting sculpted body.

Your foods should be rich in protein and healthy fats for being in sync with your workouts. Whatever workouts you do, whether they are sport activities, or conventional workouts in gym, wear and tear of muscles is inevitable. Protein rich diet ensures the recovery of those torn muscles.