Danielle Fishel Diet Plan and Workout Routine

Popular for her role in Boy Meets World, Danielle Fishel always had been in gossips for her expanded waist. Nerved with perpetual shaming weight gain buzzes about her, Danielle finally decided to shed weight. She astonished everyone with her bikini body in 2009.

Danielle shares, she was not always big. While shooting for Boy Meets World, when she was just sixteen, she had lean “twenty-four” size waist, and Danielle was so much in love with her waist that she was too scared to lose it. The idea of gaining weight used to intimidate her so much, that she often avoided foods and ate foods, which were inadequate to energize her.

She also consumed laxatives and relied on iceberg lettuce to stay slim. Finally, when she got unconscious on the set due to being emaciated and energy less, it was just like a wake-up call to her. She understood that she couldn’t sustain by being on such a ridiculous diet.

Danielle Fishel Diet Plan and Workout Routine

Danielle Fishel Diet Plan

After having suffered from the problem of eating disorder for a long time, Danielle finally embarked on Nutrisystem Diet Plan in 2009. With the use of diet program, she shed thirty pounds and appeared in slimmer body. The diet program brought radical changes in her eating habits.